Osceola Reflections

Our Principles:

  • To focus on the next five years
  • To be realistic and to present short range goals.
  • To be honest
  • To plan and/or reflect on how to make students successful.

Our Legacy:

  • Formed a partnership with UCF: The CORE Program.
  • Brought the Nursing Program to Osceola Campus.
  • Offered more variety and number of courses.
  • Expanded facilities and resources: LRC, Smart Classroom, Building Two, Ground Breaking of Building Three, Clock Tower, Entrance to 192, Fitness Center, etc.
  • Great faculty involvement: Faculty to Faculty, Destinations, Focus on the Workplace.
  • ATLAS, Banner and GroupWise successfully implemented.
  • Greater community involvement through boards and other programs.
  • Developed a good image in the community.
  • Membership in more college wide committees and councils.

Our Mission:

We need to be explicit that our main job is to fulfill Valencia's overall mission but it is also clear that we have a special role in this community. Aspects of that role include:

  • To create broader and better educational opportunities
  • To help create a better economic environment
  • To serve as an important cultural resource for the community

In terms of our distinctive role within the college as a whole, Osceola Campus has an opportunity to serve as:

  • A campus which provides diverse learning opportunities to a diverse population.
  • A laboratory for testing new ideas and practices.
  • A campus that measures its success by how well its students learn.

Our Goals and Objectives:

  • Open Building 3
  • Design, plan and assist in finding the funding for our future LRC building.
  • Do a better forecasting of student enrollment at the campus.
  • Explore and enhance our partnerships with higher education entities.
  • Expand the A.S. degree programs.
  • Expand and enhance the quality of our science labs.
  • Expand the Honors Program at the Osceola Campus.
  • Expand resources available to faculty, staff and students in the LRC.
  • Provide more specific and effective academic leadership at the campus (hire a Dean).
  • Provide users with the necessary staff development to maximize the utilization of the technology available at the campus.
  • Offer to the community at least one cultural event in the next year.
  • Assess the Math exit exam as a predictor of success in the next level of Math.
  • Create a better assessment instrument(s) for ENC 1101.
  • Develop and assess (direct student learning)mixed-mode learning program.
  • Bring courses to make accessible baccalaureate degrees in Osceola County/Campus.
  • Expand our offerings within the AA degree.
  • Offer faculty development opportunities (F2F).
  • Create articulated and accessible programs leading to degrees beyond the AA.

Osceola Campus Members Present:

  • Marie Brady
  • Stephanie Freuler
  • Tim Grogan
  • Donna Haskins
  • Chris Klinger
  • Jenni Campbell
  • Linda Swaine
  • Silvia Zapico