Enroll at Poinciana - Senior Citizen Students

Students who are classified as a Florida resident for tuition purposes age 60 years or older are eligible for Valencia's tuition waiver up to a maximum of 6 credit hours per term. The waiver includes tuition and standard course fees. The Application for Admission fee and any special fee associated with a course will be the responsibility of the individual requesting the waiver. Registration using this waiver is limited to "audit" only; classes may not be taken for grades or academic credit. Registration for any class is limited to "space availability," and will only be allowed after the date listed in the Important Dates and Deadlines Calendar in the online official catalog. Internships and independent study classes are excluded from the waiver. To use the waiver, the senior citizen must register and, on the day of registration, visit a campus Business Office with documentation of age, such as a driver's license, and request the Senior Citizen Waiver. Any special fees must be paid at that time.

Note: If you register for the course prior to the allowed registration period, or are given a capacity override, you will not be eligible to use the waiver for the course, even if the course is dropped from your record.