Valencia Online Guidelines

We try to the best of our abilities to accommodate your order preferences for new or used books. Based on the availability at the time we pull the order, we reserve the right to substitute a book (new or used) for your order. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The refund guidelines for in-store purchases is also applicable to online orders, meaning the refund deadline dates are the same and an original receipt is required for all refund/exchange transactions. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

If the website has not given you a confirmation number, your order was not complete.


ISBNs are available on the website or come to the bookstore and check the shelf tags.

Several classes use books that are bundled with Canvas components or passcodes that may not be available when ordering from other online sources. Please use ISBNs to match the book or bundle exactly.

We will do our best to complete your order. However, if there are items that have not come in from the publisher, we will check for them at the time of pick up. If they are available we will ring them up when you pick up your order.

We will correspond by email concerning out of stock items.

Customer Service

Contact us for questions or inquires about your online orders. Make sure you reference your order confirmation number in your email.

Financial Aid Students

Before ordering you must authorize your financial aid funds to be released to the bookstore. Please refer to the financial aid website for more details. Once the funds are authorized we can fulfill your order online or in our stores.

Florida statute states the bookstore web site should be available for purchasing 45 days prior to the start of classes. We strive to have our sites available prior to the start of classes for your convenience.

VA, VR, Workforce students please make sure your voucher is in place before placing an online order. Your order will be charged to that account. 

Your credit card or financial aid account will not be charged until we physically pull the books for your order. The total at the end of the transaction posted online may not necessarily be the total charged to your credit card or financial aid account because of the following reasons:

  • new/used book substitution made
  • publisher price changes
  • book(s) is/are not available at the time of pulling your order

Disclaimer (please read):

Valencia Bookstores provide information on course materials used for courses at Valencia based on information submitted by instructors and suppliers and is believed to be correct and current information at the time of publication.

The Valencia bookstores reserve the right to substitute new books for used, or used books for new, depending on availability. The price will be adjusted accordingly. We cannot guarantee that every book is in stock or that new and used copies are available for each title listed. Book prices are subject to change by the publisher at any time and are updated as stock arrives.

The site will be updated daily as we receive new orders from faculty and shipments from publishers. Please note that because course material information can change at any time (faculty changes, publisher upgrades, cancelled classes, etc.) we are not responsible for information used from this site for the purchase of texts from other sources. Students purchasing materials from Valencia bookstore sites are protected under our return guidelines.