Valencia College Global welcomes students from Central Florida and around the world to participate in programs and services designed to support their personal, professional, and academic development, promote global citizenship, and create an environment that fosters cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. 

Intensive English

Learn English fast face-to-face on our Orlando campuses or online from the U.S. or abroad. Valencia College has three intensive English learning options for local residents, visitors, and international students, for adults and teens.

Prospective International Students

Find information about application requirements, deadlines, costs, housing and program options, and the student visa application process. 

Current International Students

International Student Services (ISS) provides support to students from over 100 countries. Services include academic and F & J status advising, travel and employment guidance, and cultural programming.

Study Abroad

Find information on short-term and semester study abroad programs, including how to apply, deadlines, costs, and amazing destinations.

Global Experiences

The Valencia College office of Study Abroad and Global Experiences (SAGE) provides year-round global learning experiences and programs for students and faculty, including on-campus events, virtual exchanges, global guest speakers, short-term in-bound programs, and internationalization of the curriculum.

Recruitment Partners

The Valencia College Continuing Education division works with a select group of established educational partners around the world that work to promote our programs to students in their countries.



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About Valencia College Global

Our area works to promote the internationalization of Valencia College by supporting programs and initiatives that help students prepare to live and work in an interdependent and multicultural world, using the competencies of a global citizen. This includes recognizing different perspectives, communicating effectively with diverse audiences, being curious to learn about the world, and taking action to make a difference in the world.

As part of this effort, we encourage all members of the Valencia College community to incorporate global perspectives into their work, studies, and activities.

In support of our mission, we recruit students from around the world, provide innovative study abroad programs, develop and maintain international exchange agreements, host international delegations, and provide a high-quality Intensive English Program with a pathway to degree programs. We also provide support and resources to faculty and Deans to add global perspectives to their curriculum. We encourage our students, faculty, and staff to explore new horizons and connect with one of our many programs to experience different cultures, languages, and ideas.

Leadership and Structure

Centralized model under one division with four departments providing educational programs and student services.

Educational Programs:

  • Continuing Education – Language Programs
  • Study Abroad and Global Experiences

Student Services:

  • Continuing Education – Support Services
  • International Student Services
  • International Student Recruitment and Admissions
  • International Student Advising and Engagement
  • Short-Term Study Abroad
  • Semester Study Abroad
  • In-Bound Short-Term Programs:
    • Customized Programs
    • J-Visa Programs (BridgeUSA)
Curriculum and Co-Curriculum
  • Intensive English Programs
  • Transfer program from Intensive English to degree programs
  • Internationalization of the Curriculum
  • Global Distinction Program
  • Global Guest Speakers
  • Virtual Exchanges/COIL
  • International Education Week
  • National Study Abroad Association Week
Faculty Support
  • Professional Development courses offered through the Faculty Development department, including Study Abroad Certificate Program and Internationalizing the Curriculum
  • Established process for faculty to designate courses in our learning management system that have been internationalized. Students who take these courses can earn credits towards the Global Distinction certificate.
  • Study Abroad and Global Experiences Committee
  • Departmental Training and Workshops
  • Conferences
Partnerships and Networks
  • Recruitment Agents
  • State and National Consortia
  • International & Local Associations
  • Institutional Partnerships
  • Government Agencies
  • Private Sector Partners