Health Insurance Benefits

As part of international student admission and enrollment requirements, all international students in F-1 status are required to purchase the mandatory health insurance policy provided by the college prior to enrollment. This plan is offered through UnitedHealth.

When to Purchase

All students on F-1 status must purchase health insurance coverage through their myISS student portal by the given deadlines before each semester begins. 

Rates and Dates of Coverage

*Spring/Summer must be paid together unless you are graduating in the spring term. If you are graduating in the spring, then you can pay for spring only. You must meet with an ISS advisor to receive permission.
**If your first term of enrollment is summer, then you would pay for summer only.

Enrollment Period Dates Student
ANNUAL 08/15/2024 – 08/14/2025 $2,021
FALL 08/15/2024 – 12/31/2024 $770
SPRING/SUMMER 01/01/2025 – 08/14/2025 $1,251
SPRING* 01/01/2025 – 04/30/2025 $665
SUMMER** 05/01/2024 – 08/14/2025 $587
Health Care in the U.S.

Health care in the U.S. is complicated, even for U.S. residents. The American health care system is different from many other countries because it is very expensive.

Insurance Plan Brochure

To get more information about eligibility, rates, dates of coverage, provider information, covered benefits, exclusions, and other important details, please see the Insurance Plan Brochure.

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How to Access Your Account

After your plan has been purchased, please visit UnitedHealth website and select the “Register Now” button to set up your new account. Once you have created a login and password, you can access your account at the UnitedHealth website and select "Sign In" or download the UnitedHealth mobile app. Online access allows you to:

  • Locate a network healthcare provider
  • Review claims status, correspondence and explanation of benefits
  • Print your insurance ID card or request a permanent card through the mail
  • Enter accident details (if necessary)
Male student using laptop to access account at home

How to Use Your Insurance
Verifying Coverage Benefits

It is also recommended that you have a copy of the  UnitedHealth Insurance Plan Brochure available to verify coverage benefits and exclusions. Save it to your desktop or mobile device or print it for reference.

Using Your Insurance Card

It is recommended that you always carry your health insurance card with you.

You must present your insurance card to doctors’ offices, hospitals, urgent care clinics, emergency rooms, and pharmacies in order to show proof of coverage.

You can access your insurance member card on the UnitedHealth website.

Finding Health Care Providers

To search for health care providers in your area, please visit UnitedHealth website and sign in to your account. You can search for “in network providers,” which are more cost effective and covered at a higher percentage by your health insurance plan.