Writing Center

Writing tutors strive to help students become better, more confident writers.  Tutors actively guide and support writers throughout the writing process.  We ask that students come prepared to have fulfilling conversations about their writing, and we highly recommend that students speak with a tutor even before they begin writing.  Having conversations before drafting can help students determine a path and organize their ideas.  Our goal is to help students master skills that they can apply independently to all their writing.

Helpful Reminders

  • Students can talk with a tutor to discuss writing assignments for a variety of classes: English, speech, humanities, psychology, New Student Experience, history, and more.
  • Students can talk with a tutor during any point in the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revision, and editing.
  • Consultation lengths vary, but they are usually 20 to 45 minutes.
  • Please bring any material that will help you and the tutor have a great conversation.  This includes prompts, rubrics, notes, and revision plans.

*Note: On Fridays we only offer Computer Lab Usuage and Virtual Tutoring begins at 9:00am

*Note: For additional online tutoring, please visit  https://valenciacolllege.edu/tutoring 

*Note: TUTOR AVAILABILITY IS NOT GUARANTEED. If we receive advance notice of tutor absence, we will post the notice on the appropriate webpage. We encourage you to call if you need last minute details 407-582-8041.

The Writing Process

Successful writers go back and forth between stages of planning, drafting, revising, and editing.  The Plaza staff provides assistance during any state of the writing process.

  • Prewriting: Understanding prompts, brainstorming, discussing and developing ideas.
  • Drafting: Developing a thesis statement, finding a focus, choosing a purpose, and targeting an audience.
  • Revising: Improving your paper's organization, elaborating on ideas, making ideas clearer, identifying and content that goes off-topic.
  • Editing: Checking for errors in grammar and punctuation.  Please note that tutors will not edit or proofread your essays for you.  However, they will help students learn how to find and correct errors in grammar and punctuation.

Writing Resources

Hours and Location

  • Bldg. 1, Rm. 231
  • 407-582-6118
  • Monday to Thursday: 8am to 7pm
    Friday: 8am to 3pm
    Saturday: Closed
    Closed: May 27, June, 7, June 14, June 21, June 28, July 4, July 5
  • theplaza@valenciacollege.edu