Programs and Experiences

The Outreach and Recruitment Team is dedicated to the message that college is possible for all. Our programs focus on college access, transition and career exploration for high school students. Through immersive experiences and college transition programming, students engage and connect to Valencia College’s career pathway options.

Counselor Day

High school counselors from Orange and Osceola counties are invited to visit Valencia in the fall to participate in a full day of professional development to support their work with students.

High School Outreach

During the fall and spring of the academic year, Valencia Coordinators will visit with high school juniors and seniors to share enrollment information. Please contact us if your school is not listed and you would be interested in a high school visit by Valencia.

The Puma Experience

Visit our campus locations with your school or organization.

Designed for prospective student groups to visit Valencia College Campuses and learn about educational paths available to reach their ultimate career goals.

Open House

Future students and their families are encouraged to attend one of our open houses in the Spring on our East, West, and Osceola Campuses. Come to learn about our academic programs, student clubs, and get a tour of the campus.

Middle School Visit

Middle school students are invited to attend a fun event designed to give students the opportunity to interact with various career programs. Students will also learn about their own career interests by completing a career assessment and will have the opportunity to explore our campus on a tour.

High School Visit

High school 9-11th graders are invited to participate in this interactive program which tests their college smarts in the admissions process. With an emphasis on readiness, the program will also include information related to career and degree programs at Valencia and tips for conducting their college search. A campus tour will conclude the program.

Information Session

Future students and their families are encouraged to attend an information session to learn more about Valencia College. Information sessions last approximately one and a half hours and include an informational presentation on our academic programs, financial aid, the Honors program, and the admission process. A question and answer session will follow each presentation. A campus tour will begin your information session led by a current student leader.

College Fairs

The transitions team also attends numerous fairs throughout Central Florida that are offered by community and business partners. In addition, as a member of the Central Florida Higher Education Alliance we coordinate fairs with organizations and attend fairs that other Alliance members organize

College Prep Day

Valencia invites ethnically diverse students and foster youth each year to a college planning workshop. Sessions cover steps to enrollment for college, financial aid, testing strategies (SAT & ACT), and special sessions just for parents and guardians.

Seniors at Valencia

High school seniors are invited to visit Valencia to learn the about our steps to enrollment, Florida state residency, financial aid, UCF Direct Connect, student clubs, and other campus support programs. Part of the program will include a campus tour led by a current student leader.