Signature Events

The Transitions Team offers resources to help prepare students for life after high school, whether that includes college or industry certification. Below are just a few of the ways we lend you support.

For Counselors & College Transition Community Partners

Your hands are full, so we’ll lend you ours.

Transitions Lunch and Learn Sessions

Seasonal Online Events

For High School Counselors and College Transition Partners

The Transitions Team shares the latest news and updates for those supporting students through their transition to college. During each session, we’ll review the latest programming line up, share helpful updates, and chat about ways we can assist you and your students transition to college. We know time is precious so we will keep the session to 45 minutes, and eating your lunch with us is welcomed.

Through our  Seasonal Webinar series, we connect with school counselors and community organizations working with high school seniors in post-secondary planning at key mile markers in the college transition process. We offer workshops on high school programs, transition to college, financial aid, the enrollment process and much more.

Counselor Day & Webinar Series

Annual and Seasonal Online Events

For Orange and Osceola County Guidance Staff and Educational Partners

Counselor Day is a time of learning and development designed specifically for Orange and Osceola county guidance staff and educational partners. You’ll see what additional resources are available to you to assist college-bound students.

As a special bonus to our college transition educational and community partners, one attendee from each session will be selected for a $500 scholarship to award to a deserving student headed to Valencia College.

For Future Students and Families

You help them set their goals. We help them reach them.

Parent & Family Information Sessions

Online Informational Sessions

Information sessions for parents and families.

Online informational sessions for parents covering special topics on the enrollment process, the transition to college, how to support their children as they transition from high school to college, and more. During these sessions, we offer information and support to parents when they need it most.

Office for Students with Disabilities Information Sessions

Online Informational Sessions 

For students and parents with unique educational plans and needs preparing to transition to college. 

Join the staff from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) to understand the documentation requirements and process to request disability related accommodations at Valencia College. Students who are currently served in K-12 under an IEP or a 504 plan must prepare early for a successful transition if they will be requesting accommodation as IEP and 504 plans do not necessarily transfer to college.