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Faculty Development
Change lives, starting with your own.
There are plenty of places to find employment, but at Valencia College, you'll find fulfillment. You'll have the opportunity to improve the lives of students, our community and ultimately, our world. So if you are looking for more than just a job, then we are looking for you

Student Highlights

Engineering Students Show Off Their Genius with Rube Goldberg Machines

ORLANDO -- The scene in West Campus’s engineering building looked a little like the set from “Sanford and Son” collided with TV's “Myth Busters.” Scattered all over Building 11 were piles of supplies – boxes of junk that appeared to have been scavenged from toy boxes and tool boxes. Toy train tracks, Legos, Hot Wheels cars. Drills, PVC pipe and mousetraps. Balloons, marbles, dominoes.  A Slinky. And duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape. The reason? If it’s the end of the semester, it’s time for the eng ...