About Us

The office of Career and Workforce Education uses a sustainable model that takes commitment, recognizes and builds strengths between business/industry, education systems, students and the community. We promote partnerships to facilitate economic growth and strategic outcomes.

The office of Career and Workforce Education works to:

  • Improve the quality and impact of instruction in career and technical education programs.
  • Prepare knowledgeable workforce for the 21st century workplace
  • Support and strengthen collaborative work in the community
  • Articulate short-term and long-term goals and objectives
  • Provide statistical and descriptive information internally and externally
  • Communicate goals, strategies and accomplishments
  • Maintain active relationships with business, industry and education partners 


These partnerships are more than relationships providing opportunities in such areas as:

  • Internships, Job Shadowing Experiences, and Focus on the Workplace opportunities for career development for students and faculty
  • Career Pathways in secondary to postsecondary career and workforce education
  • Advisory Council affiliations
  • Employment and feedback on graduate skills
  • Insight on future trends
  • Customized Curriculum Development (DACUMs)
  • Program Review and Assessment methods
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Scholarships and In-Kind donations

From the start, Career and Workforce Education at Valencia defines what is desired from our work. We identify key stakeholders in the economic ecosystem. We strive to meet the needs of industry with great visions to promote great partnerships. 

We took the community out of our name but not out of our work.

Advisory Councils & Partnerships

A great partner community will produce great outcomes. High student placement rates and wages are just a part of the economic impact on our community.

For more information on how we can address your business and industry needs, please contact us.


The Career & Workforce Education Office works cooperatively collegewide and in partnership with business/industry and the community to develop and strengthen learning opportunities for students that prepare them for a successful transition from college to the workplace while addressing the economic development needs of our Central Florida community. The office includes facets of assessment of workforce demands, program development and review of performance and relevancy of programs to meet the workforce needs, work based learning experiences for students and faculty/staff, placement services for students and the articulation of programs.