About Us

The office of Career and Workforce Education employs a sustainable model that incorporates our commitment to acknowledging the importance of diversity, equity, and access in our partnerships.  We cultivate and promote partnerships with business/industry, education systems, students, and the community to facilitate economic growth with strategic outcomes.

The office of Career and Workforce Education works to:

  • Partner with academic leaders and faculty to improve access to career and technical education programs.
  • Prepare knowledgeable workforce for the 21st century workplace
  • Identify potential for program expansion to address the workforce needs of our increasingly diverse community.
  • Provide transparent and consistent communication of our commitment, strategies, and accomplishments.
  • Sustain strong partnerships and dynamic relationships with existing local business and industry partners.

Support our community in the development of high-quality career and technical education programs that meet the workforce needs of a global and competitive economy.


Career and Workforce Education partnerships are more than relationships. We strive to meet the needs of industry with great visions to promote great partnerships.

These partnerships provide opportunities for:

  • Broad-based access to work-based learning opportunities for career development and advancement of all career technical education students.
  • Accelerated learning through articulated pathways in secondary and postsecondary career and technical education programs of study that prepares students for successful transition to Valencia and into the workforce.
  • Engagement in the development of customized curriculum to meet the diverse needs of business/industry..
  • Participating on the program industry advisory council to assist with curriculum development, equipment and technology recommendations, and scholarships and donations.


From the start, Career and Workforce Education at Valencia defines what is desired from our work. We identify key stakeholders in the economic ecosystem. We strive to meet the needs of industry with great visions to promote great partnerships. 

We took the community out of our name but not out of our work.


Advisory Councils & Partnerships

A great partner community will produce great outcomes. High student placement rates and wages are just a part of the economic impact on our community.

For more information on how we can address your business and industry needs, please contact us.