Activities and Functions

Our Office performs activities and functions that will strengthen, enhance and improve the outcomes of Career and Workforce Education programs to ensure they are meeting the needs and demands of our workforce region. We respond to critical job needs emerging in the workforce through program modification, expansion and development.

Program Growth and Development

Direct the review of Regions' Targeted Occupational Forecasting list to determine the impact on Valencia's Career programs. Provide placement and completion data, occupational information and wage and earnings data to be used for forecasting current and future needs, program development and expansion.

Program Reviews and Assessment

Manage and oversee the planning and development of five-year program reviews, as well as the annual program performance and assessment of Valencia's Career and Workforce Education programs.

Partnerships with the Community

Plan and coordinate Industry roundtables and forums with business partners to discuss workforce training and employment needs for program growth and development. Provide support for Valencia's Advisory Councils, which ensure our Career and Workforce Education programs remain current and relevant to industry needs. Work with Business and Industry partners to develop workplace experiences for faculty and staff to gain industry knowledge and experience, and learn more about workforce needs and trends.

Articulation and Alternative Award of Credit

Develop and implement articulation agreements with educational institutions that provide opportunities for students to transition into Career and Workforce Education programs. Develop and oversee statewide agreements for award of credit based on industry certification or licensure.

Technical Certificates

Manage and oversee the College process for issuing all Technical Certificates awarded to students each term.

Promotion of Career Programs

Develop collateral materials to promote and enhance Career programs in collaboration with Marketing and Media Relations and other appropriate college staff. Work with Catalog team in overseeing Career Program information in College Catalog.  Manage and maintain College website for all Career and Workforce Education programs.