Valencia's Assessment Coordinating Committee (ACC)


The ACC—

  • oversees assessment plans for AS/BS/BAS/AA degrees and general education,
  • stewards a process that promotes college-wide and interdisciplinary collaboration,
  • coordinates each two-year cycle (complete with learning outcomes review, assessment, and implementation of improvement strategies),
  • and is responsible to Learning Council for ongoing, holistic assessment of the college’s assessment process related to the two identified outcomes of the  Learning Outcomes Assessment Model:
    1. Stakeholders are engaged in a reflective process related to professional practice and student learning outcomes.             
    2. Pedagogical, curricular, and co‐curricular changes are made in response to and alignment with assessment results.

The committee is responsible for maintaining a written set of principles, guidelines and best practices for implementing a learning assessment and improvement cycle that allow flexibility for brave, collaborative, and creative faculty work for improving learning.

The committee determines whether proposed assessment plans adhere with college principles and best practices for assessment, and provide recommendations to the plan. Such plans should include -

  • A proposal for reviewing and updating (as needed, through the Curriculum Committee) course and program learning outcomes and ensuring alignment with the appropriate curriculum map.
  • Proposed assessment criteria for the outcomes.
  • A plan for developing and implementing improvement plans based on the results of the assessment.
  • A collaboration and communication plan that ensures wide stakeholder involvement in the process. 

The committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of curriculum maps at the college that ensure that there is alignment between course learning outcomes and program learning outcomes and that the assessment process at the college demonstrates achievement of program learning outcomes.

The committee provides an annual interdisciplinary opportunity for presentations of innovative plans, lessons learned, unsuccessful interventions, and successful results that signal potential for further impact if adopted by other areas.

The committee produces appropriate documentation of the work submitted and its own work to ensure that accreditation needs of the institution can be met.

For more information on Valencia's Learning Outcome Assessment Model use this link to connect to the Learning Outcomes Assessment webpage.

For more resources and examples  access the Assessment Coordinating Committee SharePoint. 

To learn more on how to use the resources and examples, use this link to view a short video.


Committee Members

Role Name Title Email
Co-chair Nichole Fehrenbach Dir., Learning Assessment
CTE Faculty Co-chair Kristin Abel Professor, Theater Tech
Gen Ed Faculty Co-chair Nicholas Bekas Professor, English
BA/BAS Faculty Susan Gosnell Professor, Radiologic & Imaging Sciences

CTE Faculty Brian Murphy Professor, Criminal Justice Technology
CTE Faculty Ravi Rajaravivarma Professor, Electronic Engineering Technology
CTE Faculty Lisa Gray Professor of Accounting
Gen Ed Faculty Andrea Rediske Professor, Biology
Gen Ed Faculty Chip Turner Faculty, New Student Experience
Gen Ed Faculty Tim Grogan Professor, Biology
Librarian Diane Dalrymple Librarian
CTE Dean Marie Vasquez-Brooks Dean, School of Allied Health
Executive Dean John Niss Interim Executive Dean
Gen Ed Dean Scott Creamer Dean, Humanities and Social Science
Gen Ed Dean Wes Johnson Dean, Communications
Faculty Development Dori Haggerty Campus Dir., Faculty & Instructional Development
Institutional Research Donna Payne Institutional Research Analyst
Curriculum & Articulation Cheryl Robinson Dir., Curriculum & Articulation
Institutional Effectiveness Darren Smith Dir., Institutional Effectiveness
Ex Officio Daryl Davis Assistant VP, Analytics & Reporting
Ex Officio Geni Wright Interim Assistant VP, Academic Affairs
Ex Officio Nasser Hedayat Assistant VP, Career & Workforce Education
Student Affairs TBD TBD TBD


For more information or further assistance with the assessment coordinating committee meetings, meeting outlines, or meeting notes please contact Nichole Fehrenbach, Kristin Abel or Nick Bekas