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Last Updated: 06/29/2022 06:00 AM

Valencia College campuses are closed on Friday, July 1 through Independence Day, July 4. Please reach out to us @ 407-582-1507 from 8 a.m. to midnight for assistance during this time.

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Division of Behavioral & Social Sciences

General education and specialty course work in the Division of Behavioral & Social Sciences is associated with a wide range of academic disciplines including anthropology, criminal justice, economics, education, history, physical education, political science, psychology, sociology. These components of the educational program are designed to establish and enhance awareness and understanding of human behavior, cultural diversity, global economy and historical development. Interaction with this curriculum will provide students with a knowledge base and skill orientation essential for intellectual growth, academic progress and employment opportunity. Course work is designed to:

  • establish important connections with a heritage of human understanding by examining various approaches to issues of universal human concern (financial, moral, intellectual, technological, political, economic, scientific, familial, sexual, etc.);
  • develop an awareness and comprehension of cultural, social, historical, geographical and environmental contexts essential for personal insight and productivity, social cooperation and life management;
  • provide experiential learning opportunities which integrate academic and career pursuits;
  • accommodate a variety of student skill orientations including thoughtful and precise writing, critical reading, oral discourse and independent thinking;
  • increase awareness and empathy in relation to historical events, personal and economic development, cultural diversity and a wide range of complex societal issues.


Bldg 11, Rm 103
Tel: 407-582-1203 // Fax: 407-582-1675

Campus Map: West Campus



Dean: Dr. Susan Dunn
Administrative Assistant: Elizabeth Beal
Administrative Assistant: Jonnel Morgan

Discipline Chairs

Anthropology & Sociology: Dr. Doreen Watson
Criminal Justice Technology
: Prof. Lauren Sykes
Economics: Prof. Tarteashia Harris
Education: Dr. Paula DaSilva
History & Political Science: Prof. Adrienne Mathews
Psychology: Dr. Eric Model

Career Program Advisors

Criminal Justice Technology: Mike Sparkman
Education: Rachel Emmanuel
A.A. Coordinator: Ellen Rendle

Support Staff

Instructional Assistant: Coach Ron Owens, Physical Education