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Associate in Arts Degree



Degree Offered

Associate in Arts Degree- Degree Pathway: Art, Studio/ Fine Art
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Visual Arts Courses Offered

  • DRAWING I & II : Andrew Downey, Dennis Schmalstig, Courtney Canova, Nargges Albekord, Allan Maxwell, Kyle, Nancy Jay, Michael Galletta, Carlye Frank
  • PAINTING I & II : Dennis Schmalstig
  • DESIGN I & II : Andrew Downey, Carlye Frank, Richard Munster, Camillo Velasquez
  • PRINTMAKING I, II, III : Andrew Downey
  • PHOTOGRAPHY I & II : Cassandra Anselmo, Allan Maxwell
  • CERAMICS I, II, & III : Michael Galletta, Richard Munster, George Parker, Vincent Sansone
  • SCULPTURE I & II : Michael Galletta, David Cumbie
  • LIFE DRAWING: Rima Jabbur
  • Community partners who support the initiatives of the PJI, provide resources and education to enhance our efforts, and collaborate to build the culture of peace and justice.
  • Terminology related to Peace and Justice studies.
  • What We Are Reading, a list of books that have deeply informed our work.


Selected Topics Courses

Potters Guild Ceramics III

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Scholarships for visual art students are given each year. These are based on merit from a portfolio submission and may be granted in addition to other financial aid. Submissions are taken every Spring semester in consideration of scholarships for the following academic year. The due date of portfolio submissions will be announced soon on this website as well as on the bulletin board in building 3 next to room 147.

Portfolio Submissions

Check back soon for due date.