Advisors can assist you with academic and career planning and provide the resources to help you succeed in college. They can assist you with the transition to the university or one of our bachelor’s programs or support you as you complete your course requirements to enter the workforce.

Advising Guide

Before you meet with a student success coach, we recommend reviewing the degree-specific General Advising Guide. This guide provides a checklist with action items based on your degree and number of credits. It is a helpful resource to review before connecting with a student success coach and to help you prepare for your meeting.

Connect with an Advisor
On Campus

Connect with an Advisor On-campus

Advisors are conveniently available on a drop-in basis on all our campuses, ensuring you can access support no matter where you take classes.

The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 8 to 5 p.m. and Fridays from 9 to 5 p.m.


See the Next Available Advisor

Virtual Advising is a flexible option for students who cannot visit or schedule an appointment with us. You will meet with the first advisor available. Please note that the wait time varies depending on the time of year.

You must download the Zoom app to your device or smartphone to connect with an advisor.

Note: During peak times when we experience high student volume, our scheduling queue closes when our capacity to serve students admitted into the virtual advising center has been met.

The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 9 to 6 p.m. and Fridays from 9 to 5 p.m.

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Contact an Advisor

Connect with an Advisor

Have a question about your degree pathway, courses, or other academic-advising-related topics?

If you would like to connect with an advisor or schedule an appointment click on the link below.

Virtual Advising Center

What to Expect

  • Sign in to the Virtual Advising Center button, and choose which department to sign in to. Select the Advising Center.
  • Enter your student Valencia ID (VID). If you don’t have a VID yet, click “Don’t have a student VID number yet” and fill in your information.
  • Select the reason for your visit from the drop-down options listed.
  • We recommend you enter your cell phone number so that we can update you while you wait.
  • You will be placed in a virtual line. Be sure to monitor your phone or device for updates.
  • When it is your turn to be seen, we will send you a Zoom link for your meeting.
  • Click on your Zoom link as soon as you receive it to meet with an advisor.
  • You will have 3 minutes to join the space before we need to call the next student, so be sure to have your phone/device close by and be ready to log in.
  • After the meeting, select leave meeting to exit the Zoom space.
Important Notes
  • Please have a photo ID available for your visit.
  • Proper dress required: If you use a webcam to interact with our advisors, you must dress appropriately — just like in a traditional, face-to-face meeting.
  • When connecting with the Virtual Advising Center, you must fully engage with an advisor. You should not visit the Virtual Advising Center while driving or engaging in activities that limit your attention during the session.
Using Zoom

Before joining the Zoom session to connect with a tutor, make sure you have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an enabled microphone. You do not have to have a webcam to participate, but you are welcome to use one if you would like to do so.

You will need to download and install the Zoom app to your smartphone/device to connect.

Download Zoom App