From reporting to writing to signing, you can hone your communications skills at Valencia. You can tailor your studies toward your intended university major by taking elective courses in creative writing, literature, mass communications and more, or by working on the college’s student-run newspaper Valencia Voice, or Valencia’s award-winning literary magazine, Phoenix Magazine.

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Programs & Degrees

Associate in Arts Degree Pathway

Some pre-majors are based upon articulation agreements with specific universities. They are designed for students to transfer to a particular public or private university as a junior to complete a four-year Bachelor’s degree in a specific major. For more information, visit Articulation Agreements for Degree Pathways.

Associate in Arts Degree Pathway

Degree Pathways are designed to prepare students to transfer to a Florida public university as a junior. The courses listed in the plans are the common prerequisites required for the degree. They are placed within the general education requirements and/or the elective credits. Specific universities may have additional requirements, so it is best check your transfer institution catalog and meet with a Valencia advisor.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education provides non-degree, non-credit programs including industry-focused training, professional development, language courses, certifications and custom course development for organizations. Day, evening, weekend and online learning opportunities are available.