Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree

University Parallel Programs

Valencia's Pre-Majors are designed for a student who plans to earn the Associate in Arts Degree and transfer to one of the eleven state universities in Florida as a junior to complete a bachelor's degree in one of the specific majors. Each Pre-Major includes the courses to satisfy Valencia's General Education requirements for the A.A. Degree and the Statewide Common Course Prerequisites for the specific major (which count as the elective credits for the A.A. Degree).

The Pre-Majors are included in the Associate in Arts Degree section of the catalog, and by clicking on the Pre-Majors and General Studies link below or on the Navigation Bar on the left side of the screen.

The Associate in Arts Degree: General Studies is available for students who want a two-year college degree and have not selected a Pre-Major for transfer to a state university in Florida and for students who plan to transfer to a private and/or out-of-state institution. Although the Pre-Majors provide the best preparation for transfer to specific majors in Florida's State University System, a student still may choose the Associate in Arts: General Studies for a variety of reasons.

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