New Student Experience

The New Student Experience is a required credit-earning course (SLS 1122) designed to assist students in formulating their purpose in life. Through self-discovery, students will investigate their interests, strengths and personal values that align with their educational and career goals. Emphasis is on orientation to college, integrated student success skills, and the development of an individualized education plan. Additionally, students will engage in a co-curricular program, which enhances student engagement, designed to support students to successfully completion of the first 15 college-level credits at Valencia.

Students and Institutional Outcomes of the New Student Experience:

As a result of students' participation in the New Student Experience, students will achieve the following:

  • successfully complete a college-credit bearing course designed to facilitate a comprehensive introduction to Valencia College and the skills associated with success in college.
  • develop an educational plan and course schedule to endure timely success.
  • prepare for college-level work.
  • successfully complete the first 15 college-level credits at Valencia College.
  • develop academic behaviors associated with success in college.
  • discover a plan for college as part of a purpose in life.
  • engage Valencia College as a place for learning and community.

New Student Experience Outcomes:

Students will create a personal purpose statement that outlines and articulates their values, goals, interest, and strengths in relation to their educational and career aspirations.

Students will design an education plan that include goals for learning and a financial plan.

Personal Connection
Students will demonstrate effective communication skills with diverse groups.

Students will choose an academic program aligned with their educational/career goals, interest and strengths, and values.

Students will apply college success skills.

Students will demonstrate awareness of college support systems.