Students - Internships


An internship is a way for you to earn college credit while working in an actual position that relates to your major, giving you a chance to gain experience and make connections in a professional setting. You register for the internship class but instead of going to a classroom, you go to your internship job site.

Our department is here to:

  • Determine whether you are academically ready for an internship
  • Help you register for internship credit
  • Give you access to internship postings from local employers
  • Advise and coach you throughout the process
  • Check out our calendar of events for scheduled info sessions.


In order to register for an internship a student must have:

  • 12 credits completed (with grades) when you apply
  • 2.0 GPA (minimum)
  • Reading/Writing course completed (at least one)
  • Math course completed (based on your degree)
  • Program-specific requirements:

Internship Prerequisite Finder Tool

How to Apply

Registering for an internship is very easy!

Log in to Navigator.

Go to "My Account" at the bottom left of the menu bar.

Click on "Academic (Internship Profile)" and fill out the form completely.

Allow 1-2 business days for receipt of your internship application information for review.

Schedule a meeting with an Internship Coordinator once your application has been approved.


Internship Open Enrollment Periods
Term Begins Ends
Summer 2020 (2020-30) 02/10/20 05/01/20
Fall 2020 (2021-10) 06/22/20 07/24/20
Spring 2021 (2021-20) 10/12/20 11/27/20
Summer 2021 (2021-30) 02/15/21 03/26/21
Fall 2021 (2022-10) 06/21/21 07/23/21

Internship Credit Registration Deadlines

Term Last Day to Register
Summer 2020 (2020-30) 06/05/20
Fall 2020 (2021-10) 09/25/20
Spring 2021 (2021-20) 02/12/21
Summer 2021 (2021-30) 06/11/21
Fall 2021 (2022-10) 09/24/21