Future Graduation Applications

Accepting applications for Summer 2024

Apply online through your Atlas account

Before you submit your application for graduation please be sure that you have:

  • Fulfilled all admissions requirements prior to the Graduation Application Deadline (i.e. submitted all official transcripts: high school, college, CLEP scores, Advanced Placement, DANTES, military, etc.);
  • Completed or be registered for all coursework required for your degree. Review your Degree Audit online through your Atlas account (click on the Students tab and in the Path to Graduation area click on My Academic Progress (Degree Audit) in order to run a degree audit) and/or meet with an advisor to verify that you have met or will meet your degree requirements;
  • Verified that the address in your Atlas account is current and that your Program of Study and catalog year are accurate. If necessary, update your Program of Study and/or catalog year information BEFORE you apply for graduation by submitting a Student Records Information Form

Log into your Atlas account, click on the Students tab

  • In the Path to Graduation area click on Graduation Application
  • Complete all fields on the Graduation Application, review the information, and click Submit
  • Check Graduation Application Status in Atlas under Path to Graduation to confirm the submission

All communication regarding your graduation status will be via your Atlas email account, therefore; be sure to check it frequently for updates.


Diplomas are mailed to students approximately 4-6 weeks after the end of the semester in which they graduate. At Commencement, students receive a diploma cover with a message from the College.

If you graduate in: Your diploma will be mailed:
Fall Term (December) February
Spring Term (May) June
Summer Term (August) September

Please remember to review your Degree Audit before applying for Graduation. You may also see an advisor regarding requirements for your specific program or major. Once you have applied for graduation, check your Atlas account frequently. You will be sent e-mails regarding your graduation status throughout the graduation review process.