Articulation Agreements

You may ask what  articulation is, and what it has to do with you. As a Valencia student, you have options as to where you would like to continue your academic career. The State of Florida already has an articulation agreement between community colleges and the twelve State universities (6A-10.024). This is commonly referred to as a 2+2 agreement (2 years for an associate's degree followed by 2 years for a bachelor's degree). This 2+2 articulation agreement states that any student who graduates with an A.A. Degree will be accepted to one of the twelve state universities. However, the 2+2 articulation agreement does not guarantee that a student will be immediately accepted into the university of his/choice, nor the major of his/her choice within that university (refer to Transfer Guarantees for additional information).

Pre-Majors are included in the Associate in Arts Degree section of the catalog, and by clicking on the Pre-Majors link in the navigation menu. Each pre-major is a planned course of study that includes suggested courses in several areas: Courses to satisfy Valencia’s general education requirements for the A.A. degree, the Statewide Common Program Prerequisites for the specific upper division major, the requirements needed to transfer to the University of Central Florida, and/or another Florida public institution, and courses that have been selected by faculty as best preparation for your major but are not required for transfer. Pre-Majors are advising plans; completion of the Pre-Major planned course of study does not guarantee admission to the student's transfer program of choice.

In addition to the agreement within the State University System, Valencia is partnering with many other institutions to expand student options for seamless transition. Some of the agreements are created with a Pre-Major. They are designed for students to transfer to a particular public or private university as a junior to complete a bachelor's degree in a specific major/program.

This site will give you information about all of Valencia's articulation agreements with other institutions (credits counted, scholarship opportunities, degree options, etc.). Articulation Agreement College List

If you have specific questions regarding these agreements, please contact Dr. Cheryl Robinson at