Admissions & Records

Transcript Requests

Official transcript requests are made through your Atlas account.

Enrollment Verification

Through EnrollmentVerify, providers of student-based services can obtain immediate, affordable online enrollment verifications

Degree Verification

DegreeVerify provides instant online verifications of college degrees or attendance claimed by job applicants.

Florida Residency

Students who are eligible for Florida residency for tuition purposes pay a much lower tuition rate.

Applications & Forms

Applications & Forms

Registration Details

Students register for class(es) online via their Atlas account.

Privacy Information

Federal statutes require colleges to protect the privacy rights of student records.  Valencia College does not fax documents to institutions, agencies, or individuals because documents transmitted utilizing fax technology cannot be secured. Additionally, most institutions do not consider documents sent to them via fax as official records.

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Visit us on campus at the Answer Center.