Atlas & Checking Financial Aid

Atlas is Valencia’s online system that allows you to receive e–mail and check information in your student records using a secure personal identification number. You can sign up for an Atlas account as soon as you have been accepted for Admission by visiting Atlas. If you do not have your own computer, or if you have trouble logging on to Atlas, you can receive help on campus at the Atlas Access Lab. We have many computers available for your use and friendly assistants who can help you.

To check your financial aid status:

  1. Log in to Atlas from
  2. Click on Students.
  3. Click on the Financial Aid Status link.

Under the My Eligibility link you may view a list of document requirements, check your eligibility status, financial aid services holds, awards, award payment schedule, and view messages from financial aid services. In addition, be sure to regularly check your Atlas e–mail. Important notifications are sent electronically to your Atlas e–mail account. If you have not yet applied for Admission, please do this as soon as possible so you can sign up for your Atlas account. Your financial aid cannot be considered until the admissions process is complete.