Credit Hours Needed

How many hours must I take?

Most financial aid programs allow you to enroll as a part-time student as long as you take at least 6 credit hours. For some programs, such as Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, and FSAG, the dollar amounts of your award will be reduced based on the number of credit hours you are enrolled. For example, if you enroll in 6 hours, you will be “half-time” so your award amount will be half of the amount for a full-time student. Read the information in this guide about your awarded programs. Check your Award Notification for messages about the programs you have and their specific requirements.

For those programs that are prorated based on enrollment, the following schedule determines your enrollment status. (Only courses required for the student’s degree or certificate will be included in financial aid enrollment status):

To check your financial aid status:

  1. 12 credit hours or more - full-time status
  2. 9 - 11 credit hours - 3⁄4 time status
  3. 6 - 8 credit hours - 1⁄2 time status
  4. 1 - 5 credit hours - less than 1⁄2 time status

Your enrollment in classes as well as class attendance will be confirmed before aid is paid to your account. If you have withdrawn from any classes, missed the first day, or have not attended regularly, your aid eligibility will be recalculated. If you have withdrawn from all classes or have current enrollment of less than the minimum required hours, you will not be eligible for aid and your scheduled award will be cancelled. Should this occur, you will remain financially responsible for any charges on your account.