Post-Application Completion

What happens after I complete my financial aid applications?

  1. Your FAFSA will be processed. Federal Student Aid Programs will transmit an electronic record to Valencia if you chose Valencia’s school code number, 006750, when you completed your FAFSA. You will also receive a copy of this record, by mail or by email if you provide an email address. You should review the information for accuracy and make corrections, if necessary. It will also indicate if you have been selected for verification and if other information will be needed. Please read the report carefully and email with any questions or concerns you may have. All emails must be sent from your Valencia College email account, and include your VID in the subject line.
  2. Additional requirements are established. If any documents are needed at the time your FAFSA record is received, you will receive an Atlas e–mail notification (in your Atlas account), or a letter if you are not yet admitted to Valencia. Please be sure we have your correct address. (You may update your address and view the missing information requirements on your Atlas account.)
  3. Completed files are reviewed. The federal government requires that some files be selected for a review called verification. If your file was selected for verification, you cannot be awarded financial aid until your original application has been completely checked for accuracy. Corrections will be made, if required, and your application will be reprocessed. Late applications will be reviewed as workload permits after the term has begun. Please take special care to be accurate with your verification questions and to be sure each form is signed. Inaccurate or incomplete verification documents will create a need for further documentation of your resources and will delay the receipt of financial aid.
  4. Eligibility is determined. If you are eligible for financial aid, a Financial Aid Services Award Notification will be sent to you outlining the awards you may receive. You may also view the awards in your Atlas account. Be sure to read any special messages about the type of aid you are receiving and ask questions if you are not sure about any of the information. If you are not eligible for any federal or state grants, you will receive an Atlas e–mail notification.