Work Study Program

Federal Work Study

This is a federal work program for students with financial need. You may be employed on a Valencia campus, work off-campus with an organization, or serve as a reading tutor in a local public school. As a work study employee, you may work up to 20 hours per week and earn at least $14 per hour up to the amount of your Federal Work Study award. You may be offered work study as part of your overall award; however, even students who have not been awarded Federal Work Study may qualify. Students who indicated interest in work study on their FAFSA and who have unmet financial need are notified via their Atlas email of their eligibility for Federal Work Study and how they can begin applying for jobs. Be sure to check your Atlas email before applying.

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How will I receive a job assignment?

Eligible students can apply for positions on the website linked above. If chosen for an interview, the supervisor will reach out to you via the contact information provided on your application. If selected for the job, the supervisor will provide hiring documents to Financial Aid and an electronic contract will be created and sent to you and supervisor for signatures. Once all documents are signed, Human Resources will begin the onboarding process.

Please note you will need to bring your Social Security Card and proof of citizenship or eligibility to work in the U.S. with you to your meeting with Human Resources so you can complete your payroll paperwork.

How will I receive payment for my Federal Work Study Award?

Federal Work Study is an opportunity to work and build work experience. You will be paid by Valencia’s Payroll Department every two weeks based on the time sheet you and your supervisor submit. You will receive a packet of information about the payroll process when the hiring process is completed. 

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Other Work Study Programs

Institutional Work Study

Various campus departments and laboratories have funding to hire students as part–time employees. You should inquire through the campus departments about any available openings.

Atlas Access Lab Assistants

Computer lab assistants who work in the Atlas Access Labs. For more information, contact the Manager of the Atlas Access Lab.

Peer Advisors and Welcome Team

Student Services hires enrolled students as Peer Advisors and Welcome Team members. For more information, contact your campus Student Development Coordinator.