Financial Literacy


To promote financial literacy among the student body through peer to peer learning.


Empower Valencia students to improve their personal financial awareness; fostering a life-long road to financial success. Commissioning Valencia College Cohort Default Rate to continuously display a frequency of community, integrity, access, deep stewardship, professional development, civic responsibility, and excellence.

Valencia College Financial Learning Ambassadors promote financial literacy and responsible money management amongst their student peers by:

  • Workshops
  • Classroom presentations
  • Financial Aid initiatives
  • Student Development events
  • On campus partnership
  • Community Outreach


Valencia's Financial Learning Ambassador Program received a grant from USA Funds in 2009 for 3 years, which helped the program develop and grow into what it is today. Funding for this program was used to expand to all campuses and provide training from USA Funds Life Skills. We expanded our current educational activities by conducting April's Financial Literacy Week college wide. During these activities the Financial Learning Ambassadors distributed information related to budgeting, managing finances and planning for a healthy financial future, as well as engaged students through hosted speakers. Valencia hosted a national acclaimed author Jackie Cummings Koski; "Money Letters 2 My Daughter", winner of the 2013 Book of the Year by Adult money management and awarded by Institute for Financial Literacy. Jackie engaged with students at Osceola, East and West campus discussing various financial literacy topics.

I was honored to be the speaker for your 2014 Financial Literacy Week, and see first-hand the dedication and enthusiasm you and your students have for the program. The financial education of students is crucial in a time where student loan debt is the highest it's been in history. You are absolutely doing your part and your program is a wonderful example for other higher learning institutions.
— Jackie Cumming Koski

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Financial Aid TV

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Lime News

Along our mission to promote financial literacy among the student body, we research relevant resources to share every month with our peers. Our desire is to equip our students to wisely manage their moneys throughout their college experience. Our content varies from educational videos to apps and promotions that can help our students save money and time.

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