Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation is an introduction to college life at Valencia College. New Student Orientation has two parts; Part 1 is an Online Orientation Presentation and Part 2 is a New Student Advising Session. 


How can I access the Online Orientation Presentation?
To access the required Online Orientation Presentation, click here. 

You will need to log in using your Atlas username and password, so have those handy when you are ready to complete the Online Orientation Presentation. The Online Orientation presentation is required to be completed before you can register for classes. 

How do I access a New Student Advising session?
Instructions on how to access New Student Advising are available at the end of the required Online Orientation presentation.

What should I expect from orientation if I graduated from an Osceola High School in 2022?
Once you the complete Part 1: Online Orientation presentation wait to receive communication via your Atlas email from an advisor/coach requesting to meet with you virtually or in person for New Student Advising.

Can I complete New Student Orientation online?
Yes, Part 1 is the Online Orientation presentation and can be completed virtually. Part 2 is a new student advising session and is available virtually or on campus.

Can I register for classes before Orientation?
No, all degree-seeking students have a registration hold that will be removed upon successful completion of Orientation Part 1. 

What will I do in Orientation?
During New Student Orientation, you will be provided valuable information about Valencia and preparing to start right in school. You will be introduced to college resources, culture, and polices. You will learn about your major or program of study and will register for your first semester classes. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one virtually or in person.

How can my family get information?
Please feel free to refer to the Parents and Family page for resources for parents, family, and friends.

Will I be able to register for classes during Orientation?
Yes, Your orientation hold will be removed once you complete Part 1: Online Orientation Presentation. You will be advised on which classes to take during Part 2: New Student Advising Session. You will also be provided with registration help after you are advised on your first term courses. 

My financial aid, residency, or transcripts are not up to date/on file, how can I take care of this?
The Student Services Advisors in our Answer Center are able to discuss these concerns with you. Visit them virtually, or make an appointment to see them on campus at the Answer Center.