Valencia College Veterans Affairs Office

The VA office at Valencia College strives to provide the best customer service possible. Our office does this by meeting or exceeding all of the requirements put forth by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Valencia College understands the importance of student success which is why we have created our own services to assist with the success of our veteran students. If you feel the VA office has fallen short of our requirements/goals or simply want to make a suggestion, please feel free to email us so the VA office may address your concerns.

Valencia also has a new student electronic academic dispute and administrative complaint resolution web page.

Department of Veteran Affairs

The Ask VA can be used to voice complaints to the VA but it can also be used to ask questions about your benefits where you might need a formal in writing response.

This system can be used for concerns such as:

  • I have not gotten paid yet for my educational benefits
  • My monthly stipend does not seem to be the correct amount
  • I do not seem to be receiving my Kicker payment
  • What application should I fill out if I am a (veteran, dependent, disabled)

Basically anything that is VA specific that does not directly involve Valencia College or the Principles of Excellence.


Principles of Excellence

You may submit a complaint to the Department of Veterans Affairs if Valencia College is failing to follow the Principles of Excellence agreement. The VA will only review the following types of complaints through this complaint system:

  • Recruiting/ Marketing Practices
  • Accreditation
  • Financial Issues (Tuition/Fee charges)
  • Student Loans
  • Post Graduation Job Opportunities
  • Change in Degree Plan/Requirements
  • Quality of Education
  • Grade Policy
  • Release of Transcripts
  • Transfer of Credits
  • Refund Issues

We list what can be addressed because Valencia College does not want your concerns to be over looked/not addressed. This portal is very specific in what types of complaints it will address so if you submit concerns that do not address the Principles of Excellence your complaint will be disregarded. Please look at all three complaint systems listed and determine which one best suits your concerns.