VA Recertification Process

  • If you are a returning Veteran Student you will need to recertify before each term.
  • Students will need to REGISTER FOR CLASSES before a recertification request can be submitted.
  • To submit a recertification request after classes have been chosen, click the Recertification Request Form button.
  • If you are not pursuing a secondary major, please type N/A in that specific section on the recertification request.
  • A generic e-mail will be sent to your ATLAS e-mail acknowledging the request for recertification has been submitted.

**Please note: Student will be notified via ATLAS e-mail should an issue arise and we are unable to complete recertification**


Valencia College physical campus locations are currently closed to students, staff, and faculty. The VA office staff is working remotely during this time and will reply to your email as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Remedial Courses Note

Beginning with the 2011 summer term, Veterans Affairs will no longer pay for remedial or preparatory courses that are offered online or in a mixed-mode format (partially online). These courses can no longer be included in your certified hours. Please make any necessary adjustments to your schedule if need be prior to submission of your VA certification request.

What To Expect When You Submit a VA Certification Request

When you submit an on-line certification request you should expect an automated reply with your submitted form to include answers sent to your Valencia atlas email account. This email typically arrives within 5 minutes after submission.

Within 1 to 2 business days you should get a second email in your atlas email account informing you that we have received your certification and to please give us three weeks to process your request. When you get this email you can now rest assured you have a VA deferment/protection on your account and your courses should not get deleted unless you have an outstanding balance from a previous term.

When our office goes to certify your enrollment you will get an email stating we have completed our part and now you have to wait on the VA to finish their part, or you will get an email explaining why we can't move forward with your request at that time. If the VA at Valencia does experience problems, please reply back to the email as soon as you can to prevent any delays.

The last email you should get comes from Enrollment Manager, which is the system schools use to certify your enrollment. This email will explain what was submitted on your behalf and is typically received within 5 minutes of submission.

Certification for Transient Students

Complete the Florida Virtual Application  on the website and refer for more information about taking courses as a Transient student.

If Valencia Is Your Home Institution

If Valencia is your home institution and you are planning on taking a course at another school you will need to get a letter from Valencia's VA School Certifying Official, Denise Asselta. Please email her a copy of your Florida Virtual Campus approval email if you are going to another Florida public school. If you are going to a Private School or a school outside the state of Florida please fill out a Valencia Transient Form and submit it via email to Denise Asselta. The VA office will then provide a Transient/ Parent School letter to both you and your secondary School's VA Certifying Official via email.

If Valencia Is Your Secondary Institution

If Valencia is your secondary institution, please provide the VA office with a Parent School Letter/Transient Form that is signed off by your home school's VA School Certifying Official. They will typically ask for the Florida Virtual Campus approval or need to internally approve you to take the course(s) before supplying this to you. It is your responsibility to make sure that approval is turned into your VA office with your certification request either in person or electronically. The Valencia VA Office will notify you by Atlas email if we are missing this documentation and remind you that it is needed to process your certification request.