TiER Classroom

In order to better define terminology used to describe and classify technology-enhanced rooms at the college, a new classification system has been developed. Under this new system, all technology-enhanced rooms will now be referred to generally as Smart Rooms with an added level of definition as outlined below.  Smart Rooms will be sub-classified by TiERs (Technology-Enhanced Room) which will define and identify exactly what level of technology exists in the room. 

All TiER rooms available can be found here :  Technology_Enhanced_Rooms.pdf

TiER 1 Classroom

The level of technology in the room is very limited in scope. The room contains a ceiling-mounted projector and at least one multimedia source to display but is otherwise severely limited in technology and infrastructure. The room can be upgraded to another TiER at considerable cost.

TiER 2 Classroom

The standard compliment of technology is in place as is the infrastructure to accommodate the necessary cabling and data ports. This room can be easily upgraded with minimal expenditure in funds and time.

TiER 3 Classroom

The standard compliment of equipment exists as does the Crestron controlling features. The infrastructure is in place with the cabling properly installed. A list of rooms that fall under this tier can be found here:

TiER 4 Classroom

This is a high-end video-conferencing room built with the standard TiER III compliment of equipment.