Video Conferencing

Welcome to the Valencia College Video Conference web site. Our video conference rooms feature state of the art equipment which provides transmission of full motion video images and high quality audio between all of Valencia's campuses and any other site that has video conference capabilities. Here you can find general information and training for the various video conference rooms.

As we grow, we will add additional pages which will identify:

Our Mission and purpose, an overview of the equipment in each video conference room, the actual rooms by campus location, the training involved, our policies and procedures, and how to contact us.

Mission Statement

The vision statement for Valencia Community College is to be an extraordinary learning community. Some of the key values to help accomplish this are:

  • We value the on-going personal and professional development of learning leaders throughout the college community
  • We value community partnerships for workforce development
  • We value the thoughtful use of technology to enhance learning

Video conferencing capabilities at Valencia College are an integral component in realizing and achieving the mission and values of the college. Video conferencing, much like the tier classrooms at Valencia, is part of the Learning Technology Alternative Delivery group whose mission is to facilitate the introduction, development, and use of media and communication technologies and services within the college. As the college grows and the technology advances, video conferencing will greatly benefit those who employ these technologies and services in the teaching and learning environment as well as the administrative activities of the college.

Purpose and Goals

Central to the goal of video conferencing at Valencia College is a cultural shift towards a more collaborative and flexible method by which disparate departments or groups are able to work together toward a common goal and do so expeditiously. The video conferencing will, in the long term, allow for desktop to desktop communication along with the current capability of conferencing between the designated Video Conference rooms on each of Valencia's campuses.

Our goal is to make the entire system as easy to use as possible; as easy as simply placing a phone call. To that end, we have provided instructions to assist you in scheduling the video conference rooms and have outlined some important etiquette rules. Please read through all of them and make a mental note of them when you are in a video conference. If you have received the tier classroom training, then the video conferencing element is simply the next step in the process and is also very easy. It is also very reassuring to know that the video conference rooms have the same excellent support system that the tier classrooms have.


Training information for both faculty and students. Please contact the representative on your campus for training.

Campus Locations & Hours

East, School of Public Safety & Winter Park Campuses

Melvin Moodie

West Campus

Mehdi Khoumassi


Poinciana Campus

Victor Rosa


Osceola Campus

Ron Ginn

Lake Nona

Mohamed Aleem