Rules of the Road

Access to Information Resources
All personnel (faculty, staff, and students) must acquire a user id and pass word before accessing Valencia College information resources. This access is approved by representatives of the information resource owner and processed through the Office of Information Technology. This access is reviewed at least annually to ensure that it is still valid.  When the access is no longer valid, the Office of Information Technology terminates it.

Access to Confidential/Sensitive Information
Access to confidential and sensitive information is restricted to individuals who are authorized by owners on a strict "need to know" basis. Owners of confidential and /or sensitive information are responsible for classifying the data. Resources containing this information should be clearly marked. Managers should be aware of which personnel are in positions of special trust.

Use of Valencia Community College Information Resources
Valencia College information resources provided to faculty, staff, and students are owned by Valencia College and are to be used for College related activities only. Resources are not to be used for commercial purposes and/or personal financial gain or for any other non-university-related activities. When off-site Valencia College terminals are used to access University information resources, their operation must be only for university business. At no time should Valencia College information resources be used to disrupt, damage, degrade, or obstruct systems/networks. University resources should not be used to gain unauthorized access to systems, subvert restrictions associated with computer accounts, or obtain additional resources. Users are responsible for their own individual accounts and should never make them available to others. User IDs and passwords exist for account protection and should not be compromised.

Email should be considered the same as printed communication and should meet the same standards of taste, professionalism, accuracy and legality that are expected in printed communication. Fraudulent, harassing, threatening or libelous messages should not be transmitted and personal or sensitive information about individuals should not be posted without their consent. Junk mail (e.g. random mail, chain letters, etc.) is unacceptable. All messages must correctly identify the sender. If you are being harassed via email, immediately notify the Office of Information Technology. It is not the intent of the University to monitor email in the absence of policy or law violations. Email is subject to disclosure to third parties under the Florida Sunshine Law or through subpoena or other processes.

Copyrighted material includes, but is not limited to, software, audio recordings, video recordings, photographs and written material. Copyright policy can be complex and fairly confusing but the following general guidelines apply to Valencia College:

Software licensed to the university may be copied only if explicitly authorized by the software developer.

Copying software licensed to the University onto a personal home computer must be expressly authorized in the license agreement.

Multiple use over a network must also be specifically authorized in the license agreement.

Users must have permission to access, copy, or transport data maintained by other University users.

Faculty, staff, and students may not use unlicensed or unauthorized copies of software on University-owned computers.

Please refer to the Valencia College IT policies for more information.