NOTE: New Style for Atlas launches Monday, March 22, 2021. Access & content remain the same.

Atlas Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more detail about the upgrade?

My bookmarked link is taking me to a page that says Atlas has been upgraded and I don't know how to change my bookmark.

If you have a link bookmarked that starts with you have an old link that will no longer work. Replace with in your bookmarks and your link should work.

When did this change happen?

Go live date was Monday, March 22, 2021.

Employees: How to I access both emails when there is only one link?

Access to both emails have been combined and can be accessed through the same "Email" link. Learn More About this Change

How do I log into this new Atlas?

All users should continue to access Atlas at

Why are some of the links in the current Atlas not working?

On Friday, March 19th, we will be working with the vendors of a few applications to update the single-sign-on to their systems. Some links may be intermittently unavailable on Friday, March 19th. Once the new links have been set up by the vendor, users may be asked to log in to Atlas a second time to single-sign on to the applications.