Change lives, starting with your own.
Change lives, starting with your own.
There are plenty of places to find employment, but at Valencia College, you'll find fulfillment. You'll have the opportunity to improve the lives of students, our community and ultimately, our world. So if you are looking for more than just a job, then we are looking for you

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From Shy Guy to Student Leader: How Valencia Changed His Life

Giorgi Beraushvili may be a big man on campus today, but when he started his first semester at Valencia College, he was shy and introverted. “For most of my first semester, I was coming to classes, going home, studying and, in my free time, watching TV shows,” says Giorgi, 19, an international student from Eastern Europe. “I didn’t talk to anyone. I was even afraid to ask questions at the information desk.” But after several months – without any friends or family in the U.S. – he decided something had t ...