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Central Florida LSAMP Benefits for Students

The program is open to undergraduate students who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment at any of the Central Florida STEM Alliance (CFSA) institutions.

Students benefit as a member of the Central Florida LSAMP student network by the following: 

  • Joining a community of peers, mentors, faculty, and administrators who will help them excel at their institution and throughout the Alliance
  • Participating in special academic success programs in STEM areas
  • Receiving information about upcoming events and summer and academic year STEM opportunities
  • Gaining access to student services, such as mentoring, career development, etc.
  • Gaining opportunity to attend a STEM conference

Undergraduate students who meet the institution-specific requirements may apply for an LSAMP Student Award. Students receiving these awards are recognized as Central Florida LSAMP Scholars. Additional benefits for Central Florida LSAMP Scholars include:

  • Eligibility to receive funding support toward participation in a structured program academic or summer research experiences or internship.
  • Eligibility to receive funding for travel to conferences and professional meetings.

Additional information about the LSAMP Program at Valencia College and related resources for Valencia students include:

  • Program Brochure
  • Program Flyer
  • Participant Enrollment Form
  • Internship Flyer
  • Internship Application
  • STEM Internship Opportunities

These documents are available on the downloads page.

  • STEM success strategies
  • STEM scholarships
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • LSAMP Internships
  • Florida Tech Presidential



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