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Health, education, career information for military veterans and their families.

  • Make the Connection - create a tailored profile, share experiences & support
  • BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust - comprised of 112 Better Business Bureaus includes financial literacy & searchable database for consumer protection
  • Veterans Crisis Line - assistance for veterans, family or friends of veterans [regardless to whether registered] via text, call, or live chat online.
  • Project Sanctuary - provide means for military families to decompress and distress after deployment/ exit from service.
  • Military Handbooks - download or purchase guide book; site has useful links/ resources per military branch including link to children’s scholarship resources. [provided through mail upon completion of service]
  • - general knowledge, news, entering military, active duty and spouses


  • eBenefits - one stop site for health, education, pension and home loan benefits
  • Vet Center - provides combat veterans readjustment and trauma counseling, and conducts workshops for the community.

Education/College Prep


Link MOS to civilian occupations; search MOS equivalent careers, and industries