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The Valencia College Office of Policy and General Counsel is committed to act with integrity, knowledge of the law, and reason, in support of the dynamic educational environment of the College by providing timely, updated and accurate legal advice to the College administrators, faculty and staff, in their roles on behalf of the College. The Office provides, manages, and coordinates all legal services for the College, whether through the Office or outside law firms, to ensure efficiency, containment of costs, and reliability of service.


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State Legislative Information

2023 Legislative Session

For more information on the content and progress of a particular bill, the simplest way to access current bill information is to go to www.flsenate.gov and enter the bill number in the space provided on the top of the homepage, or go to www.myfloridahouse.gov and click on the top tab “Bills.” Senate bills are always even numbers (SB 22) and House bills are always odd numbers (HB 11). On the House site, note that you may choose either chamber or choose “both.” When you enter the bill number, the history of the bill will appear, along with bill text, amendments, analyses, and more. Please note, at the end of the Legislative Session, we will distribute a Session Report which will provide you with accurate information on what passed, what didn't, and how Valencia College may be affected.

For more information regarding legislative matters please contact:                       Courtney James cjames50@valenciacollege.edu;                  Jay Galbraith jgalbraith1@valenciacollege.edu; or            Bill Mullowney bmullowney@valenciacollege.edu

Valencia Session Reports

Past Issues of the Valencia Session Report may be found under Session Report Archives.

The Session Report provides brief summaries of budget matters and substantive legislation affecting Florida Colleges. Please note that at present, all appropriations and many bills are subject to the Governor's veto. All bill numbers are hyperlinked to their respective bill pages on the state's Online Sunshine site. There, you can find more information including all versions of bill text, histories, and staff analyses.

At the end of the Report, you will find information about the members of Valencia's state legislative delegation - that is, those legislators who represent Florida House or Senate districts located within Orange or Osceola counties. Here you will find their names, pictures (pictures are hyperlinked to their Online Sunshine Member pages), committee assignments and contact information.

Finally, interspersed throughout the report are images of paintings depicting Florida's history and heritage, the originals of which are displayed in the House Chamber. Click on them and discover the stories behind the paintings!

We hope you find the Valencia College Session Report to be informative and helpful.

Policies & Procedures

2023 Notices of Rule Development

  • 6Hx28: 3F-01 Outprocessing for Employees (published 03/11/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 10-04 Firearms and Weapons on College Property and at College Events (published 03/11/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 10-05 Smoking Regulations (published 04/08/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 11-07 Changes in Construction After award of Contract (published 05/02/2023)


2023 Notices of Rule Adoption

  • 6Hx28: 3E-05.2 Ethical Conduct and Performance (published 05/22/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 3F-01 Outprocessing of Employees (published 05/22/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 3F-05.2 Abandonment of Position (published 05/22/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 10-04 Firearms and Weapons on College Property and at College Events (published 04/22/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 10-05 Smoking Regulations (published 05/22/2023)


2023 Notices of Rule Repeal

  • 6Hx28: 3C-01.4 Commencement (published 05/22/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 3E-05.5 Tutoring (published 05/22/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 3F-05.1 Resignations of Administrative and Instructional Employees (publishe d 05/22/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 6-02 Investment of Funds (published 04/22/2023)
  • 6Hx28: 11-07 Changes in Construction After Contract Award (published 05/22/2023)

2023 Adopted Policies

  • 6Hx28: 10-4 Firearms and Weapons on College Property and at College Events (05/25/2023 Board Meeting)

2023 Repealed Policies

  • 6Hx28: 6-02 Investment of Funds (05/25/2023 Board Meeting)

2022 Notices of Rule Development

  • 6Hx28: 3C-01.4 Commencement (published 06/15/2022)
  • 6Hx28: 3E-05.5 Tutoring (published 10/28/2022)
  • 6Hx28: 3F-03 Suspension, Dismissal, Return to Annual Contract, or Non-Renewal of Contracts (published 10/28/2022)
  • 6Hx28: 3F-04 Reductions in Force or Consolidation or Reduction in Program - Continuing Contract Instructional Personnel (published 10/28/2022)
  • 6Hx28: 3F-05.2 Abandonment of Position (published 10/28/2022)
  • 6Hx28: 8-03 Student Code of Conduct (published 02/27/2022) 
  • 6Hx28: 9-07 Naming Opportunities (published 04/25/2022)
  • 6Hx28: 11-08.1 Temporary Use of Rooms or Campus Facilities (published 08/12/2022)
  • 6Hx28: 11-08.2 College Facilities, Non-College Use of (published 08/12/2022)


2022 Adopted Policies 

  • 6Hx28: 2-04 AIDS and HIV (05/26/2022 Board Meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 3C-02 Flexible Work Arrangements for Non-Instructional Employees (06/23/2022 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 3D-06.1 Family and Medical Leave (12/01/2022 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 3D-06.3 Workers' Compensation and Illness or Injury in Line of Duty Leave (12/01/2022 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 5-05 Vehicle Use for College Business (05/26/2022 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 5-11 College Property Control (05/26/2022 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 9-06 Grant Funding (05/26/2022 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 10-1 Reporting Incidents or Injuries (12/01/2022 Board meeting)


2022 Repeals

  • 6H28: 3A-06 Employee and Student Exchanges (12/01/2022 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 8-04 Student Possession or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages (05/26/2022 Board meeting)


2021 Notices of Rule Development

  • 6Hx28: 4-09 Instructional Materials (published 08/20/2021)
  • 6Hx28: 8-11 Academic Dishonesty (published 10/23/2021)
  • 6Hx28: TBD Trademark Policy (published 09/19/2021)

2021 Notices of Rule Adoption

  • 6Hx28: 4-09 Instructional Materials (published 10/30/2021)

2021 Notices of Rule Repeal

  • None

2021 Adopted Policies

  • 6Hx28: 1-06 The President of the College (06/23/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 2-08 Accommodations of Religious Observances by Students (02/24/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 3C-01.5 Work Assignments and Compensation During Emergencies, Disasters, and Other Extraordinary and Adverse Work Conditions (12/02/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 3D-06.2 Fitness for Duty (02/24/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 3D-10 Military Leave (02/24/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 3E-05.2 Ethical Conduct and Performance (02/24/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 3E-09 Employee Dispute Resolution (02/24/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 8-03 Student Code of Conduct (12/02/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 10-08 Drug-Free Campuses and Workplace (12/02/2021 Board meeting)

2021 Repeals

  • 6Hx28: 3A-07 Temporary Duty (02/24/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 3B-01 Human Resources Actions (07/28/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 3C-01.3 Councils and Committees (05/26/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28 3E-05.4 Acceptance of Gifts Resulting from Purchase of Adoption of Books, Equipment, or Materials by the College (02/24/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28 3E-07 Personal Financial Obligations (02/24/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 6-03.2 Signatures on Checks and Human Resources (07/28/2021 Board meeting)
  • 6Hx28: 10-08.2 Drug-Free Workplace (12/02/2021 Board meeting)

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