Role and Scope of Responsibilities

As part of these services, the Office of Policy and General Counsel represents the College and provides counsel in decision-making to the Board of Trustees, the President, Vice Presidents, Provosts, Deans and Directors, faculty, supervisors and other employees acting in their capacity as employees, and may not represent individual students, faculty, or staff except when these individuals are named as defendants in adversary proceedings as a result of actions or omissions within the course and scope of their employment or institutional representation. For personal legal advice, employees and students should consult a private attorney.

The Office engages in crisis and opportunity management and preventative counseling, including the identification of high risk activities and enterprises conducted by the College and the articulation of methodologies or strategies for coping with the risks. The Office serves as a resource for informed decision-making and creative problem-solving to facilitate the College's pursuit of its mission and educates College personnel about legal requirements and risks to prevent or reduce liabilities and legal disputes, reviews and develops policies and procedures, drafts and reviews contracts, and provides compliance oversight and other services and counsel to all parts of the College.