Learning Outcomes Assessment


Valencia's Learning Outcomes Assessment cycle launched in Fall 2020 with a focus on equity-minded assessment and designed with flexibility for faculty. Faculty and deans convened in collegewide collaborative meetings in September. Following these collegewide meetings, each discipline or program established their Assessment Leadership Team (ALT) made up of in-discipline faculty leads, a faculty fellow, a faculty developer/instructional designer, and other relevant consultants. ALTs initiate the review of course outlines and then lead the development of the assessment and improvement plans in collaborative Canvas spaces.


The improvement plans generated by the ALTs are presented to the Assessment Coordinating Committee for review. As explained on the Assessment Coordinating Committee's (ACC) webpage, the ACC is committed to embedding equity into assessment praxis as encouraged by the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment in  A New Decade for Assessment. The ACC mapped the elements of the equity-minded approach outlined by NILOA and will use that map to check procedures of the improvement plans against the characteristics of equity-minded assessment, making necessary and appropriate changes as needed to ensure equity is embedded in all things assessment.

For Faculty that wish to engage in equity-minded practices in alignment with the assessment model click here.


Embedding Equity in our Assessment Model

Meaningful Student Involvement
Data Disaggregation, Exploration, and Action
Context-Specific Approaches and Responses
Embedded in All Things Assessment


Steps of the Assessment Cycle

Convene Assessment Leadership Teams
Review Learning Outcomes
Develop an Assessment Plan
Implement Assessment
Develop Improvement Plan
Implement the Improvement Plan
Reflect on the results of the Improvement Plan
Convene the next Assessment Leadership Teams