Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse provides end users with access to the information they need for decision making or operational purposes. It is for reporting purposes only and, therefore, is a Read-Only environment, users cannot change any of the data on the Data Warehouse.

Interactive slice and dice analysis can be performed online easily. There are web-based tools and the Microsoft Office add-in that allows data to be returned into analytical tools like Excel.

Web Access

The "Data Warehouse Access" links on this page will take you to the online Data Warehouse tools. Once you receive training and your access is authorized you will be able to access the Data Warehouse using your Atlas logon ID and password.

Data Warehouse Update Schedule

All data in the Data Warehouse is updated nightly, both transaction detail and summary data (or cubes). The transaction detail data will be updated twice during the day and requires the Data Warehouse to be unavailable for 1 hour. The updates will be performed twice a day at 11:30AM and 3:00PM Running reports during this time will produce inaccurate results. Make certain your report completes and returns data before the refresh begins.

Since the Data Warehouse is a separate database from the Banner system, running reports on the Data Warehouse during peak usage of the Banner system (during enrollment) will not impact performance on Banner.

Nightly Maintenance Window

Access to the Data Warehouse will not be available from 11:30PM until 5:00AM for maintenance reasons.


Access Request Report Request

NOTE: Supervisor approval is required for general access and AVP approval is needed for access to secure areas.

Data Warehouse Access