DirectConnect™ 2.0

In early 2006, Valencia College joined a consortium of state colleges to partner with the University of Central Florida to form DirectConnect™.   Students will benefit from this partnership in the following ways:

  • Guaranteed* admission to a bachelor's degree program at UCF. (* Consistent with university policy.)
  • Joint advising from UCF and Valencia help ensure a smooth transition.
  • Taking UCF courses at the main campus or on Valencia's West or Osceola campuses.
  • Availability of UCF staff on-site at Valencia's West and Osceola campuses to help with advising, admissions, financial aid and academic support.

We know that one out of four UCF graduates started at Valencia, what we need to imagine is what the next iteration of this successful program should look like.  How do we see this partnership evolving over the next 5 years? What are our hopes for our students' learning?  How can this work have a greater impact in our community?

Vision Statement

Valencia students are prepared to transfer to and succeed at UCF.

Working Theory

Transfer readiness requires preparation


1. Design systems for students to track their progress and readiness


  • Create a communication and feedback system for key transfer information.
  • Create online tracking tool for Valencia students to track their progress toward a UCF bachelor's degree.

2. Establish curricular alignment in specific programs, courses, and career pathways


  • Review data in transfer courses to determine curriculum alignment conversations needed.
  • Develop an ongoing curricular alignment process to show changes across the discipline.
  • Align course outcomes.
  • Develop advising recommendations based upon curriculum alignment.

3. Prepare faculty and staff to advise students and families in the transfer process


  • Clarify a common understanding of the way students experience the transfer process.
  • Develop, implement, and assess strategies for students to complete the transfer process.

4. Prepare students for university experience


  • Work with UCF to design readiness assessment modules for students.
  • Provide students successful strategies for learning in a large-sized class.
  • Provide students successful strategies for social engagement.

5. Develop and share a robust data process that informs decision-making at UCF and Valencia


  • Utilize the new Florida I.D. to connect Valencia student records for transferring to UCF.
  • Create a super-user network that responds to data requests.
  • Analyze data routinely for continuous improvement.


If you are interested in becoming part of this strategic initiatives work team, or if you would like to learn more, please contact one of the sponsors below:

Kim Sepich
Lead Sponsor
Vice President, Student Affairs

Joyce Romano
Vice President, Educational Pathways

Susan Ledlow
Vice President, Academic Affairs & Planning