Studio and Fine Art

About the Program

The Art Studio / Fine Art program at Valencia College fosters a welcoming environment for artists of all levels. Prerequisites and portfolio evaluations are not required for acceptance to the program. In each class, you’ll be challenged in creative ways that will enhance your visual thinking skills. You’ll also learn to work with standard art materials in a structured way, through hands-on projects in traditional, academic quality studio spaces.

Whether you plan to pursue fine art professionally, or simply want to explore studio art, you’ll find a supportive learning environment with Valencia College faculty excited to meet you at your artistic level. The Fine Art Department also offers Photography and Digital Photography classes for students in art, digital media, and journalism.


The program oversees classes in both Fine Art and Photography. It's highly recommended that students seeking a degree work with an advisor who can give them information customized for their unique situation.


Arts Season

Valencia College arts events – theater, dance, film, music, visual arts, humanities and more.

Associate in Arts (A.A.) Pathway

Through the Art, Studio/Fine Art Degree Pathway, you’ll prepare to transfer to a four-year university art program. You’ll learn and develop skills in observational drawing, 2- and 3-dimensional design and visual thinking. At the same time, you’ll develop a quality Studio Art portfolio, a requirement for entry into most university upper-division Fine Art programs. This pathway also partners with the Valencia College Humanities program to ensure students learn the basics of art history required to succeed at the next level.


Depending on your area of art and your interests, a Fine Arts degree can lead to a job in a variety of industries.

Fine art-related jobs include:

  • Art and design educator
  • Art director
  • Art therapist
  • City or State Arts Councils staff
  • Gallery manager or curator
  • Game designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Independent artist
  • Industrial designer
  • Interior designer
  • Non-profit arts management
  • Photographer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer


The Fine Arts faculty at Valencia College come from a variety of backgrounds. Each bring their unique talents and perspectives to the classroom and studio. Faculty bios and representations of their work are available below.

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faculty showing student art technique

Fine arts student shopping for supplies

Materials and Supplies

The Fine Arts Department provides many materials to students such as photography chemicals, access to kilns, ceramic clays, the photography studio, darkroom and some papers, paints, and drawing implements.

Once you begin the program, you will need to purchase materials that will serve you throughout your long-term career as an artist. Your professor will give you a list of supplies required for their class. Many supplies will be available for purchase from the college bookstore.

Art Supplies

Classrooms and Learning Spaces

The studio, classrooms and learning spaces in the Fine Arts Department include a graphics lab as well as studios for photography, ceramics, sculpture, painting and more. Fine Art specific classrooms can be found on the Downtown, East, Osceola, and West campuses.

Classrooms and Learning Spaces



Exploring Courses for Fun

You don’t need to be enrolled in a Fine Arts program to take studio courses at Valencia College. There are a number of courses you can take to help you tap into your inner artist.

Get Involved

Join those who share your passion for arts and entertainment. There are a number of career-related clubs and organizations at Valencia College.

Performance and Exhibit Spaces

Our theater, stage, and gallery spaces serve as vibrant hubs for creativity and expression on campus, providing students with unique platforms to showcase their artistic talents. These venues offer numerous and varied audience experiences, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the arts while celebrating the diverse skills and creativity of students.

Two Females in the audience talking
Male Instructor at Peace Week
Two Males on stage singing a duet at Peace Week
Female in a meeting at Peace Week

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General Studies courses can be taken at any Valencia College campus. Studio courses are offered at these Valencia College locations:

Downtown Campus

East Campus

Osceola Campus

West Campus