Webber International University

What the Student Needs to Know

What Valencia degree is articulated with Webber International University?



Degree Pathway AA in Accounting

BSBA in Accounting

Degree Pathway AA in Computer Science
Degree Pathway AA in Management Information Systems

BSBA in Computer Information Systems Management

AS in Criminal Justice

BSBA in Criminal Justice Management

Degree Pathway AA in Economics
AS in Finance

BSBA in Finance

AS in Hospitality & Tourism Management

BSBA in Hospitability and Tourism Management

AS in Marketing

BSBA in Integrated Marketing Communications

Degree Pathway AA in Public Administration
AS in Finance
AS in General Business Administration
AS in Small Business Management
AS in Management
AS in International Business

BSBA in Management


What degree will be earned at Webber International University?
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

What is the deadline for application?
No deadline

How many credit hours will be accepted?
Up to 69 hours will be accepted toward the Bachelor degree

How many credit hours until a Bachelor’s Degree will be awarded?
A minimum of 120 credit hours.

Are there mandatory courses needed for acceptance?

Are there any scholarships available?
Yes, see https://webber.edu/?s=financial+aid for scholarship information, In addition, Webber offers a yearly $1,000 transfer scholarship to fulltime students who transfer through this agreement who have a Valencia College cumulative GPA of at least 3..00.

What date was the agreement signed?
Agreement is effective as of September 26, 2017.

Is there any special information?

Who can be contacted for information at Webber International University?
Admissions Director Ryan Picard,
Kathy Wilson,
Registrar/Director of Financial Aid