Course Registration Information

Important Dates:

Fall 2019

  •  May 31 - Registration Opens
  •  August 26 - Classes Begin
  •  September 3 - Drop/Refund Deadline*
  •  September 16 - Graduation Application Deadline
  •  November 1 - Withdraw Deadline "W" Grade
  •  December 15 - Classes End

Spring 2020

  •  November 8 - Registration Opens
  •  January 6 - Classes Begin
  •  January 13 - Drop/Refund Deadline*
  •  January 24 - Graduation Application Deadline
  •  March 20 - Withdraw Deadline "W" Grade
  •  April 26 - Classes End

*Dates vary with each part of term for the summer semester. Please see the  Academic Calendar for important dates/deadlines.

*Please Note: Returning DE students are eligible to register for courses offered in any part of term during the summer semester. Students who are graduating from high school will no longer be considered eligible for DE upon HS graduation. If a graduating high school senior desires to continue with Valencia College in the summer following graduation, they are only eligible to register for summer B courses and are responsible for all tuition and fees.

Once a newly accepted student has completed the mandatory Dual Enrollment Online Orientation, they are eligible to register for classes. Dual Enrollment students are responsible for building their class schedule and coordinating with their middle or high school’s guidance counselor. Students are only eligible to register for Full Term classes for Fall/Spring and Term B courses for Summer. Students and may take online, mixed-mode or on campus classes.

Class registration is available through the student’s Atlas account under the Courses tab. Each term, the college will ask you to provide emergency contact information and accept a Student Enrollment Agreement. We recommend that student's use Firefox or Chrome as their browser when registering for classes.



  • Login to your Atlas Account
  • Click on the Courses Tab
  • Click My Courses/Blackboard
  • Click Dual Enrollment Online Orientation
    Note: It will take up to 3 hours for this to appear once you have created a new Atlas account.
  • Complete the LASSI, Career Review and New Student Orientation Quiz
  • Wait 2 business days for the hold to be lifted
  • You can now register for classes! 



  • Login to your Atlas Account
  • Click on the Courses tab
  • Click on Registration
  • Click Register for Classes
  • Select a Term
  • Click Step 3: Register for Classes/Withdraw from Classes
  • Click Class Search
  • Click Advanced Class Search (For fall and spring: always select full term for “Term”)

Students using FSA, EOC, and/or lower PERT math scores (96-113) are required to submit the Course Override Form each term prior to registering for classes.

It is always helpful to do an Advanced Search so that you can choose specific parameters for the search, such as Full Term, which should always be chosen for the Fall and Spring terms.


Ineligible Courses

DE students are not permitted to register for the courses listed below. If registered, the student will be dropped from ineligible courses by the DE office.

  • Less than 3 credit hours
  • Fall and Spring-Flex start courses during the Fall and Spring semester (any course whose meeting date does not reflect the "Classes Begin" and the "Classes End" dates listed above for the Fall/Spring semester)
  • Summer (for graduating high school seniors only) - Anything other than H2 or Summer B courses (graduating high school seniors must register for only courses that begin June 18, 2019 and end July 30, 2019)
  • Developmental, remedial or physical education courses
  • Advanced level major-specific courses (Please view the approved course list for a list of permissible courses)


Dual Enrollment GPA Guidelines

  • If your Valencia cumulative GPA is less than a 2.0, you will be placed on Academic Warning. As a result, you are only eligible to take courses needed for grade forgiveness for the following term. Grade forgiveness only applies to courses that were completed with a grade of D, F, or W. 
  • If your Valencia cumulative GPA is a 2.0 or higher, but your term Valencia GPA is below a 2.0, you will be placed on Academic Warning. You are encouraged to retake the courses that are needed for grade forgiveness but are also eligible to take additional courses. Grade forgiveness only applies to courses that were completed with a grade of D, F, or W.
  • If you are placed on Academic Warning for two consecutive terms, you will be placed on Academic Probation and you are no longer eligible for the dual enrollment program.


Adding/Removing Courses

Students are able to add courses to their Valencia schedule until the day before the class begins. Additionally, they are able to drop courses without penalties up until the Drop/Refund deadline. Courses dropped after the Drop/Refund deadline are considered a Withdrawal. Students can withdrawal from a course until the Withdrawal deadline for the term. Students are allowed a maximum of one Withdrawal. If the student obtains two withdrawals or more, the student will be dismissed from the DE program.

Please note: It is the student's responsibility to add or remove courses from the course schedule. 


Registration for Courses Requiring Prerequisites

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams: To use AP scores to satisfy a Valencia course prerequisite, a student must request that their scores be sent to Valencia College through College Board. Please allow 5 weeks for the scores to be processed.

High School courses: To use high school course(s) as a prerequisite for a Valencia course, students must have their guidance counselor email the DE office at providing the class the student wishes to register for, student’s VID, and the completed high school course and grade received or bring in a high school transcript in order to be provided an override.

To view course prerequisites and descriptions, please visit the Courses page.


Account Balance

A balance will remain on the student’s account until the end of the term. Dual Enrollment students are not responsible for paying these fees. This balance will not cause the student to be dropped from their courses.


Helpful Tips

  • Be sure to check your Atlas email frequently for important communication.
  • You will need access to a computer and the Internet to register for classes.
  • Have your VID ready.
  • For information on available courses, consult the Credit Class Schedule Search. Pay close attention to campus locations and start and end dates or term length.
  • You may register for up to 13 credit hours/4 courses during fall and spring terms; 7 credit hours/2 courses during the summer.
  • DE students do not pay for courses


Other Error Messages

If you are not able to register for the specific course section you have selected and you know that everything mentioned above has been addressed and is in order, there are several possibilities for receiving an error message, including the following:

  • If the section shows just one seat left, the class may actually be full; you can elect to be placed on a waiting list if that option is available. When placed on a class waiting list, you must check and read your Atlas emails regularly in order to select the course if and when it becomes available.
  • The class may be reserved for a select group of students such as Bridges to Success (special scholarship students) or Seneff Honors Program. Reserved sections can be determined by clicking on the CRN number to the right of the checkbox (this will display additional course information) or visiting the following link Credit Class Schedule.
  • It may be a LinC class which requires that you register for another specified class which is linked to the one you have selected. Check the details carefully, as these classes are generally reserved for select Valencia programs.
  • It is recommended to use Firefox or Chrome browsers when accessing your Atlas Account and/or Blackboard.