Statement of Understanding

The Following Has Been Explained To Me:

Valencia College’s Veteran Affairs website( Benefit information, Certification process, Things to know and Student Veterans of America)

My benefit ( Ch. 30, Ch. 31, Ch. 33, Ch. 35, Ch. 1606, Ch. 1607)

Residency status :

If not a FL. Resident you can get a waiver if; Students who use a VA educational benefit (This includes dependents) or Veterans not using a VA educational benefit but can provide the VA office a copy of their DD-214 member 4 showing an HONORABLE discharge.

That V.A. will only pay for In-State Tuition and not pay for late registration fee.

Submit Certificate of Eligibility or a printout showing the Confirmation number of form; (22-1990/22-1990E/22-1995/22-5490/22-5495) and a Copy of DD 214 If applicable


Campuses are open. The VA Office has a limited number of in person appointments are available on an as needed basis. In order to request an appointment you must contact us by phone or email. Students may drop in to visit the VA office at West Campus.

If you need to contact us, you can reach us at 407-582-8387 or at

I Understand The Following Certification Requirements:

Veterans/Dependents must certify ONLINE EVERY semester they choose to use their benefits. Must be enrolled in classes and have schedule finalized beforehand.

The V.A. will only certify classes pertaining to your Primary/Secondary degree that Valencia has listed in their system.

V.A. will not pay for Mixed-mode/online developmental courses.

An automatic V.A. deferment will be applied once I have submitted a certification request (Note: This must be done before each term Fee Payment deadline).

In order to keep full time status (12 CR HRS in Fall/Spring, 8 CR HRS in Summer, I must maintain full time credit requirement throughout each term.

Maintain cumulative GPA above 2.0 and per term a completion ratio above 50% to prevent suspension of benefits.

I Recognize And Understand That It's My Responsibility As A:

CH 31- I must submit a 22-1905 each term and submit a certification request.

CH 30, 1606, and 1607- I must verify enrollment at the end of every month. VTA Wave In order to receive monthly stipend. (12 CR HRS in Fall/Spring. 8 CR HRS in Summer).

CH 33 – In order to receive my monthly stipend (12 CR HRS in Fall/Spring. 8 CR HRS in Summer), I must be enrolled in at least ONE ONSITE credit hour through the duration of all classes taken that semester. ½ BAH for Veteran solely taking Web based classes.