Veteran-Only Courses

West Campus

East Campus

HUM2220 CRN-16731 - Fill Gordon Rule Humanities
HUM2930 CRN-16584 - Fills Elective Slots

These courses meet together on Mondays 1430 - 1715 taught by Julie Montione and Sean Lake

Campuses are open. The VA Office has a limited number of in person appointments are available on an as needed basis. In order to request an appointment you must contact us by phone or email. Students may drop in to visit the VA office at West Campus.

If you need to contact us, you can reach us at 407-582-8387 or at

HUM2220 Humanities - Greek and Roman for Veterans and Military Dependents

  • HUM 2220 CRN 16731 Course fulfills Humanities Writing (Gordon Rule) requirement
  • HUM 2930 CRN 16584 may be used to fulfill part of the 24 required elective hours

These courses provide an opportunity for veterans, their spouses, and dependents to meet and support others with military experience, while exploring relevant themes in humanities texts. Throughout the semester, the class will take a deeper look at the issues raised by war and military service, and discuss topics such as the nature of duty, heroism, suffering, loyalty and patriotism.

For more information, please contact Julie Montione at

The semester-long course will: 

  • Empower you to recognize that you are not alone in your experiences.
  • Bridge the divide between military, civilian and academic communities. 
  • The college will also make available several public discussion events to initiate dialogue about difficulties
    faced by veterans within our community.
  • Fulfill Institutional Humanities Requirements or Elective Requirements
  • Course will meet Fall 2018 Mondays from 1430 - 1715 East Campus