Since 2007, Valencia College has partnered with Horizon Scholars Program, a non-profit organization in Florida, to enrich the lives of young people in Orange County.

The Valencia College Horizon Scholars Program program works with members of the Central Florida community to increase college access and professional opportunities for low-income students in grades 9-12. By offering mentorship, advocacy services, networking events, and a college scholarship, the Valencia College Horizon Scholars Program program endeavors to break the cycle of poverty for students and their families in Central Florida while giving students the chance to achieve their dreams and impact society in their own positive way.

Student Graduates of the Horizon Scholars Program Program

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To volunteer as a mentor, provide a tax-deductible contribution or to obtain more information, please contact the Horizon Scholars Program, at 407-582-3008 or



Program Model

Valencia College - Horizon Scholars Program Program model consists of four "Pillars of Promise"

Pillar 1: Scholarship. Students and their parents/guardians agree to specific academic performance standards. In order to receive a college scholarship, students must stay in school, maintain an acceptable GPA, and remain drug and crime free. Additionally, all of our student must take the SAT and/or ACT during their junior and senior years.

Pillar 2: Mentorship. Each student who is enrolled in the Valencia - Horizon Scholars Program program is matched with a mentor who provides guidance and academic motivation. Students meet with their mentors a minimum of 15 times per academic year. Students will also meet with their College Success Coordinator at least 4 times per academic year.

Pillar 3: Leadership Development. The Valencia - Horizon Scholars Program program hosts workshops for our students on topics including financial literacy, funding opportunities, career planning, community awareness and civic engagement, self-care, and conflict resolution. Students must attend at least 4 workshops per academic year.

Pillar 4: Civic Engagement. We endeavor to help our students become active learners and engaged citizens. To this end, we require our students to complete at least 25 hours of service to the local community each academic year.


Dr. Sandy Shugart"We have many children in our county that are dreaming of going to college, and we are committed to making that dream a reality. This program will provide our children with a chance to obtain a higher education and will help them get there with the guidance of a caring mentor through middle and high school."
-- Dr. Sanford Shugart - President, Valencia College