Become a Horizon Scholar - Take Stock Student

The Valencia Horizon Scholars – Take Stock in Children Program is a scholarship, mentorship, and college readiness program designed to help Orange County students in grades 9-12 achieve their dreams and impact their community in their own positive way.

By participating in the Horizon Scholars - Take Stock in Children Program, students engage in comprehensive multi-year programming, including hands-on learning opportunities to help lay the foundation for their future, making higher education possible.

9th Grade Application Deadline is February 1, 2024 & 8th Grade Application Deadline is April 1, 2024!

Online Application

Horizon Scholars - Take Stock in Children

For more information about becoming a Horizon Scholar - Take Stock Student, please contact us at 407-582-3008, or email us at

Students Receive:

  • A two-year Florida Prepaid Scholarship to use at any public institution in the state of Florida. *Awarded upon successful program completion and graduation from a public high school in the state of Florida. 
  • A volunteer mentor from the community who they will meet with a minimum of 15 times per year.
  • College and life-skills readiness workshops to support personal and professional growth.
  • Support with community service hour completion. 
  • A College Success Coordinator from our team who meets with students a minimum of once per quarter. 
  • Academic support to maintain the required 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Accountability support to help ensure they maintain an academic record that does not include excessive absences or behavioral issues.


Information Session

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Student Eligibility:

  • Meet the income requirements as outlined on this page. Proof of financial eligibility will need to be submitted with the student application. *Acceptable documents include 1040 tax form, proof of HUD or SNAP assistance with the student listed as a dependant. 
  • Be an 8th or 9th grade student in Orange County Public Schools.
  • Have at least a 2.3 overall GPA.
  • Complete an application and if selected, participate in an interview (parent/guardian is expected to attend as well).
  • Have a desire to attend college or a technical school after high school.

*Reminder: Total income before taxes, social security, health benefits, union dues, or other deductions must be reported.

Income Requirements:

Household Size

Annual Monthly Weekly
1 $26,973 $2,248 $519
2 $36,482 $3,041 $702
3 $45,991 $3,833 $885
4 $55,500 $4,625 $1,068
5 $65,009 $5,418 $1,251
6 $74,518 $6,210 $1,434
7 $84,027 $7,003 $1,616
8 $95,536 $7,795 $1,799
Each additional
family member add:
$9,509 $793 $183


Apply Now

Apply Online: The Horizon Scholars - Take Stock in Children Application is available online for current eligible 8th & 9th grade students in Orange County, Florida. The application takes approximately 45-minutes to complete and you will need to upload your financial eligibility documents to complete the application.

Online Application

Deadlines & Completing Your Application

Deadlines to Apply:

  • 9th Grade: February 1, 2024
  • 8th Grade: April 1, 2024 

Applications should include the following:

  • Student statement
  • Parent statement
  • Financial Eligibility Forms: Acceptable documents include 1040 tax form, proof of HUD or SNAP assistance with the student listed as a dependant. 
  • Once you have submitted a complete application you should receive an email with a pdf version of your application for you to download for your records. If you do not receive this, something is missing from your application and you should contact for assistance.

*Please do NOT use an OCPS email address on your application. This will prevent you from receiving important interview updates and selection information.

What to Expect After You Apply:

  • Application will be reviewed and students will be invited to interview. *Please contact if you have not heard back two weeks after your grade's application deadline to apply to confirm we received your application.
  • Students will be informed of the program decision shortly after their interview.
  • Selected students will participate in an induction ceremony or contract signing to officially join the Horizon Scholars - Take Stock in Children Program.